Short Stories

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In mags, anthos, journals and on the web...

A.J Kirby's stories are available in a variety of formats - in print, on the web, or on podcast. Here's the full catalogue to date:

Publishing History, Short Stories

    • 'Last Chance Saloon' and 'Sleep's Slippery Tentacles', published in August-October 2008 edition of New Voices in Fiction magazine
    • 'No two Snowflakes are the Same', features in the 'Sein, Cos, Tan' issue of Sein und Werden (Summer 2008) : to purchase your copy, please follow this link.
    • 'Survival of the Fittest', third place in the Golden Visions Magazine Freedom Writing Contest - (story published in the July 2008 print edition - ISSN1940-817X)
    • 'How to Kill an Hour', published in Nemonymous 8: Cone Zero anthology: July 2008 (ISSN1474-2020)
    • ‘The Allotment', published on-line by The Second Hand (US Literary journal), April 2008.
    • ‘Think Tank', published on-line by Sein und Werden: March 2008
    • ‘The Game of World Domination'; short-listed for the Cinnamon Press Short Story Award 2008
    • One Wish Foundation', published on-line on Huddersfield Literature Festival website: March 2008 (Story was runner-up in the Creative Writing Competition 2008
    • 'Business as Usual', published in Word Weavers General Fiction Anthology 2008: Of Shadows and Substance Buy now
    • ‘An Army Marches on its Stomach', published by Graveside Tales in Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths anthology: October 2007, ISBN 978-1-904646-47-1 
  • ‘Day in the Life', published by Skrev Press in Texts' Bones journal: August 2007, ISBN-10: 0980133807/ ISBN-13: 978-0980133806 
  • 'Second Prize', winner of third place in the People in Action charity 25th anniversary short story competition.
  • 'Too Many Cooks'; short-listed for An Ink Writing competition 2008
  • 'A Question of Trust'; short-listed for Writers' News magazine competition (March 2008)


    Sample Story: An Army Marches On Its Stomach

    This story appears in Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths, edited by Colleen Morris and Joel A. Sutherland and published by Graveside Tales. Meet a man who lives life at breakneck pace, a man who has inherited his father's fast food restaurant chain, but in making changes to the place, has quite literally trampled all over his father's grave. He's revamped a once charming little place as a soulless identikit plastic hovel which pokes fun at his father's old-time appeal. He was a war veteran, a hard-man...

    Meanwhile, something is lurking in the shadows behind the restaurant. Something which has murder on its mind.

    Could the two be connected?

Skeleton In The Closet

'Skeleton in the Closet' has appeared in print and as a podcast. Please visit the 'Catalogue 2' page in order to find out purchase information regarding its appearance in Sein und Werden's 2008 Summer issue, 'Sein, Cos, Tan'...

..if you can't wait that long, click on this link for a local radio podcast of 'Skeleton in the Closet'- which was given a 15 rating by the Bradford Radio station, BCB. And by the way, it's the author reading it... 

If this doesn’t work, what you need to do is visit, then click on the 'presenters' tab on the left hand side of the page, then look for someone called Joe Ogden, and it'll link you up to a local arts program called ACT Now. Click on this link, and you'll be able to download 'Skeleton in the Closet' from here. Be warned, it has a 15 certificate.