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Link me up Scotty

The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Favourite Sites

Fellow Legend Press author, the irrepressible Guy Mankowski's scrapbook of the rare, evocative and downright peculiar musical and literary inspirations.

Lesley is a writer of comical travel and children's stories. Check out her new site!

The Horror and Halloween Search Engine

Scott Stanford was born in a small Welsh village in 1984, and at the age of sixteen after studying Milton's' paradise lost', alongside reading Bret Easton Ellis's ‘American psycho' started writing himself. His works spanned from epic poems to writing/directing short films, and eventually studying ‘Film and English'. After receiving a B.A and having several short stories published in various magazines, a film he made was chosen to be the sole film shown show at a Peter Greenway exhibit in Wales. After various short films he began writing again, and amidst a number of feature scripts and other projects came a debut novel. Since then he's been working as a novelist and writing short stories, even turning down working with Samuel L. Jackson in the process. The rest is in the pages!

Scott currently lives in Manchester and is preparing for the release of his fourth novel ‘Dorothy - a darker side of Oz' an epic retelling of Baum's classic.

Craig Jones

Craig Jones is the South Wales author of the excellent Gem series, as well as What Happened to Rhodri, and A Stranger's Welcome.

Welcome to the magazine, Pages Of Stories.

The art of story telling goes back thousands and probably millions of years. Whether the story is historical, religious or fictional, connections are made between the author and the reader. Stories, until modern times, were the best way that information was shared and events were recorded.

We want to bring you those stories without requiring a huge commitment in time. As well, we want to be another option for budding authors, established authors and those who just want to exercise their creative side. Everybody has a story to tell and we want to listen.

As we stated on the Welcome page, you'll find a wide range of topics within the magazine. Sometimes about life, sometimes not.

Another writing community on t'internet. Sponsored by the Arts Council, you have the opportunity to review and rate another writers work- and they will reciprocate. On a monthly basis a TOP TEN is compiled, based upon reader scores.


A Free Download of the novel, WISHES by internationally acclaimed Horror Fiction author G. W. Huber.

A Free Download of the short story. Voice of the Water by Horror/Suspense writer G. W. Huber.


Last, but not least, another writers forum. This site allows you to:

-          workshop your writing from first draft to publication with your personal reader list

-          pick up valuable information and inspiration from other writers

-          organise your writing like a professional

-     PROMOTE your work!

Shameless Plugs

Receive up-to-the-minute info, reviews, and competitions relating to AJ Kirby's second novel, Perfect World.

Be the first to find out about special offers, freebies, relating to AJ Kirby's first novel, Bully.

The collected short fiction of AJ Kirby all in one place for the first time. Buy it now!