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A catalogue of Andy's works and front cover images from publications. Check on the 'Short Stories' page for full details on where to read/ purchase these items.

'A Galaxy far, far away in Legend Press anthology, '8 Rooms'

Cern Zoo, Nemonymous Anthology from Meganzanthus Press

'The Game of World Domination' in the Earlyworks Press anthology

'An Army marches on its Stomach' in Fried: Fast Food, Slow Deaths

Cone Zero Anthology

'No Two Snowflakes' in Sein und Werden

'Where have all the Good Zombies gone?' with intro by A.J Kirby

'Me and My Shadow' in Champagne Shivers 2009

Chapters 3 & 4 'The Green Story

'Business as Usual' in Word Weavers General Fiction Anthology

'Survival of the Fittest' in Golden Visions magazine

'The Sugar Footprint' in the NVF Production, 'Dark Karnivale

...And Soon the Darkness, NVF Magazine

'Distance' in Pumpkin magazine on-line

'The Ninth Circle' to be published in Jupiter 24 magazine, April 2009

Specially comissioned image for 'Sticky end of the Wrong' story in Ten Nails anthology by NVF magazine

'The Allotment' published on-line by 2ndhand

Itchy Leeds 2008

'The One Wish Foundation', runner-up in the Huddersfield Literature festival 2008

'Jodie Foster and the art of ventriloquism' in The View from Here magazine, issue 14, August 2009